Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Looking for Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Searched so many Yoga Schools over the internet. You may get puzzled about which Yoga Teacher Training school you should choose. Trust me, you should prefer to learn Yoga from its birthplace and that is India. Around 5000 years back Yoga started in India. From then onwards, it is being accepted by the world as the best daily exercise. Yoga can boost your health both mentally and physically.

If we learn something from its origin, 80% of knowledge is transferred to the second person. If we learn from the second person, then 65% of the actual expertise gets transferred further. This counting goes on decreasing as the people chain increases.
So the best option is to learn from its birthplace. In this case, you should choose Yoga Teacher Training in India as your first choice. To get the full benefit of yogic science come to India.
In India, many places available where you can learn yoga. Among these Places, Rishikesh is best described by nature. Learn Yoga in a peaceful and spiritual environment. Rishikesh is also known as the ‘World Yoga Capital‘. We know that there can’t be any place better than Rishikesh to get this incredible knowledge.
In Rishikesh, So many Yoga Schools available to select from. If You are planning to come here for the first time. And Got confused about which Yoga school to shortlist for Yoga Teacher Training in India. There are many good Yoga Schools in Rishikesh, and Sai Yoga Ashram (SYA) is among one them.
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Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training School in India

Sai Yoga Ashram provides Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India. Get Yoga Training focused on one’s inner improvement. We have Yoga Teachers who practiced yoga for many years. Teachers have an in-depth knowledge of yoga.
Our staff selection criteria for a yoga teacher are very strict. Students come for Yoga teacher training in India from different parts of the world. We confirm our students get the best yoga education. So that they can spread the benefits of yoga further.
Yoga Alliance approves Sai Yoga Ashram as a Yoga Teacher Training school in India. You will get the Yoga Alliance standard certificate after completion. This makes you eligible to register as a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. With that certificate, you can start your Yoga career and earn good health with a good amount.







Take Your Yoga Knowledge To The Next Level

if you are looking to strengthen your knowledge towards traditional science and working as a yoga teacher or aspiring to become or a daily routine yogi then our 200 hour yoga teacher training program is the ideal step towards accomplishing your goals in Yogic World. We teach our Yogis in a very refined manner with equal importance to reach set goals for 200 hour yoga teacher training. Below are some highlights of our yoga course that you will undergo during Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India with our Yoga Gurus:

  • Among yoga students, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training are very popular and our yoga center provides in-depth training based on these yoga styles. Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are the roots of Yoga and the best Yogic style to start Yoga learning.
  • Human Anatomy Sessions will be conducted regularly that will give you knowledge about the human anatomical structure and will teach you the relation of every yoga style with our body structure. Anatomy Session will help enhance your Yoga knowledge and make you familiar with the impact of yoga on every body part internally and externally.
  • Adjustment and alignment sessions will help to perform yoga asanas accurately with perfection. You will learn to stay away from injury while practicing Yoga Asanas and will help to fine-tune your body and mind.
  • Learn different Asana Poses of Hatha and Ashtanga training like twisted pose, forward bending pose, inverted pose, sitting pose, a relaxation pose, meditation pose, moon salutation, backward bending pose, and many more.
  • Yoga Mudras and Bandhas will help to heal stress-related problems. Know about different types of eye and hand yoga mudras. Bandha will give you more energy and healing for physical blockages.
  • Yoga is a way of life learned with discipline and daily practice. It is not just a physical exercise that you can learn while watching videos over youtube. During yoga philosophy classes with us, you will learn about the ethics and principles of yoga.
  • Pranayam Training or Science of breath session will be conducted to learn how to control your breath and use it to benefit your mind, body, and soul. Learn about different types of Pranayam like Brahmari pranayama, Ujjayi pranayama, Sheetali pranayama, Nadi shodhana, Kapalbhati pranayama, Bhastrika pranayama, and the importance of these pranayama techniques. You will learn about Nadi pranayam and different sub-Pranayam to have complete knowledge about the nasal system.
  • 200 hour yoga instructor course will teach you about relaxation techniques that will help to calm your mind and body. You will learn to practice more intense yoga techniques Yoga Nidra. This will help to relax emotionally and will give you deep body relaxation. All your minor and major body parts get relaxed with Yoga Nidra. One point to another point full-body relaxation techniques will be taught. During your course completion, you will feel mentally and physically more comfortable and capable of getting more knowledge about yoga and other aspects of life.
  • Learn about various body parts to help them heal during injury. Learn about multiple bodies supporting parts like bolsters, straps, etc. You will study the art of healing through different Pranayam sessions, yoga techniques, meditation, and many more helpful yoga science techniques.
  • Become a successful yoga instructor with our teaching methodology sessions. During these sessions, you will get hands-on to teach other yoga students and will help to refine your yoga teaching skills. You will get feedback from Yoga instructors, which will help to improve teaching skills.
  • Learn to perform various yoga tutor roles under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Learn time management while assisting, observing, and correcting while demonstrating yoga classes. Here you will learn how to use your voice while teaching yoga. We will prepare you mentally and emotionally to become a successful instructor. You will get knowledge about how to make your class and all steps to be taken to plan class structure.
  • Self-Practice Sessions will help to get in-depth knowledge about all yoga techniques while practicing at your own pace. You will get time to self-practice during the weekend under the guidance of an experienced instructor that will help to refine your yoga knowledge and correct any error while practicing during self-paced sessions.
  • Get yourself introduced to the mighty benefits of Ayurveda. Learn the healing connection of Ayurveda in life. Ayurveda is the most ancient treatment technique in India that can help to treat diseases in a very effective manner. By getting knowledge of Ayurveda will benefit a lot from Yogi practicing to become an instructor.
  • Learn shat-kriyas, a way of cleansing your body. This intense meditation and yoga practice will help get a cleaner body and remove any impurities from your body.
  • Learn cooking with Ayurveda cooking classes. You will get practical knowledge about Ayurveda cooking classes. This will help prepare a balanced healthy diet that will help stay fit even after completing the yoga course.
  • Enjoy the yoga course in Rishikesh with laughter sessions, hawan and Satsang classes. Laughter therapy will teach you about the process of self-healing. Satsang and hawan will get you introduced to spiritual knowledge. All these will help for healthy living after course completion.
Yoga Alliance Certified
Internationally Accredited Yoga TTC

Get ready for a life-changing Yoga Journey experience at Spiritual Yoga Capital Rishikesh India at Sai Yoga Ashram yoga school’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program.
Rishikesh’s holy destination situated near River Ganga’s bank our Yoga school in Rishikesh welcomes you to explore new possibilities and observe the beauty of being human. Nature will do its magic and will throw away all your worries to discover a new pure soul in your balanced and healthy body.

We conduct regular Yoga Class Session in nearby Schools and Colleges. This helps the young generation to have a better understanding of and importance of Yoga in Healthy Living.


Boost Your Yoga Career with 200 Hour Yoga Course.

Sai Yoga Ashram: Become RYT with 200 hour Yoga Course. You will get highly educated Yoga Gurus at our school. They have practiced yoga for many years and have mastery in their field. All Our Yoga Gurus are certified from Yoga Alliance and follow international training standards.

Tourist visiting also prefer our School for short term Yoga Retreat programs. We transform their holidays into a Healthy Living Experience.

Mostly we have young students in the age group 25-50. They have a passion for Yoga Teacher Training and want to pursue their carrier in the Yoga field.

Sai Yoga Ashram has been the Best Yoga Teacher Training School for more than 8 years, making it the most trusted Yoga School in the world.

Know about Yoga Teacher Training Accomodation

We are providing yoga teacher training for more than 8 years in Rishikesh and we know very well what kind of accomodation our Yogi students prefer.
All our rooms are neat and clean in the beautiful environment of the Himalayas. Our accommodation is at the safest place in Rishikesh where you will feel at home. All our rooms are airy and have a balcony to spend leisure time during your course.

Our shared rooms are spacious with twin beds, geysers, TV, fans, Lights, and a sitting area. The room has an attached bathroom for the comfort of our Students. We provide a free wifi facility in our school so that students can keep in touch with their family members. All rooms are ventilated and have all the necessary facilities.

Few rooms are equipped with private balconies to have a good time while enjoying the mountain scenery. Our school is located between Himalayan Mountain where you will love the ambiance of the mind-blowing location. Fresh and cool air comes from River Ganga and that is perfect for living yogic life while practicing yoga.

Healthy and Delicious Food

Yoga Teacher Training in India from Sai Yoga Ashram aims at not only Teaching Yoga but we focus on overall health of our students. For nutritional needs, we focus on healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbs. We make sure that food given to our students is capable of fulfilling their daily needs. Students practice yoga in Rishikesh in a very intense schedule throughout weekdays and without good nutrition, our aim for a good teaching experience cannot be completed.
To complete the nutritional values of our students, we have hired professional dietitians and cook. Our dietician makes sure that students are getting enough nutrition in a balanced form. Our cooks not only serve food, but they serve love and care. The whole team makes sure that our aim to complete 200 hour yoga teacher training in successfully met and students should feel more energetic and healthy as compared to when they joined this course. Our chef has a good knowledge of Ayurvedic cooking. Cook has specialization in preparing sattvic and vegetarian food.
Food is served three times a day. Ayurvedic organic drink like green tea is served to boost metabolism. If someone needs extra, then please let us know, we would love to fulfill our student requirements.
Food is prepared in a hygienic place with Indian Spices and herbs. The student will also get a chance to learn Ayurvedic cooking while their Ayurveda Cooking Session.
Dietary requirements are fulfilled for Gluten-free Vegetarian, Ayurvedic, and Sattvic Food during Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Daily Schedule – Yoga Teacher Training India

During 200 hour yoga, teacher training students will undergo an intense schedule of training. To get both practical and theoretical knowledge we have designed our daily schedule efficiently. With this schedule, students will also get free time on their weekends to analyze what they have learned so far and also to explore Rishikesh’s life and culture. We expect students to follow academic guidelines in school and get ready to earn new achievements in their yoga careers.

Schedule 05:00 AM To 01:15 PM

05:30 AM – Wake up

05:45 to 06:00 AM  – Morning Tea

06:30 to 07:30 AM – Hatha yoga

07:45 to 09:00 AM – Pranayama

09:15 to 10:00 AM – Breakfast

10:15 to 11:15 AM – Yoga Philosophy

11:15 to 12:15 PM – Alignment & Adjustment

12:15 to 01:15 PM – Lunch

Schedule 01:15 PM To 09:00 PM

01:15 to 02:00 PM – Rest

02:00 to 03:00 PM – Self Study/Teaching methodology

03.15 to 04:15 PM – Yoga anatomy

04:30 to 06:00 PM – Ashtanga yoga

06:15 to 07:15 PM – Meditation/Yoga Nidra

07:15 to 08:00 PM – Dinner

09:00 PM – Lights Off

Some of Our Yoga Teachers

Vini Ji

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Teaching Methodology


Hatha Yoga, Alignment & Adjustment, Yoga Anatomy

Swami Atmananda

Meditation, Inspirational and Spiritual Guide

Sankey Sharma

Iyengar, Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga

Yogi Praveen

Meditation & Philosophy, Kundalini Yoga, Relaxation, Swara Yoga, Pranayama

Deepa Ji

Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Laughing yoga


Yoga Philosophy & Meditation

Yogi Arpit

Ashtanga Yoga & Yoga Anatomy

Certificate after completing Sai Yoga Ashram 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Finally the time has come to get certified from Yoga Alliance USA as Trained Yoga Teacher and start new journey. After one month of intense 200 Hour Training, you will get certificate from our school to register yourself with Yoga Alliance as Trained Yoga Teacher. With this certificate you can easily begin your Yoga Teaching Career and achieve your goals.
The month long journey completed is priceless. This certificate will reward that priceless journey. The knowledge that you gained will help you throughout your life for healthy living. With this training you will not only be a sincere and disciplined yogi but also become ready to spread the benefits of Yoga in the world with batch of RYT 200, certified from Yoga Alliance.

Apply For 200 Hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

Date Course Room Price Location Apply
09 Jan – 03 Feb 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Feb – 03 Mar 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Mar – 03 Apr 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Apr- 03 May 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 May – 03 Jun 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Jun – 03 Jul 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Jul – 03 Aug 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Aug – 03 Sep 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Sep – 03 Oct 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now
09 Oct – 03 Nov 2021 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Shared: $1699 $899
Private: $1899 $1199
Rishikesh India Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga TTC

You should come to Rishikesh Ashram one day before the course start date and do all check-in formalities. Take a rest and get ready to start your intense Yoga Training from next day. You will leave the Ashram on the last date of the course mentioned at around 12 pm after completing all formalities.

No, it is not recommended for a pregnant woman to join the tedious course. You should consult your doctor before making any such decision.

No such requirement for the course. A person should be medically fit before joining the training. You should be aware of yoga and have practiced yoga for some time. This will help in completing this course with ease. For 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, there is no prerequisite of knowledge required. Even beginners can also join this course.

You will get enough time to rest between classes and also the weekend i.e. Sunday there will not be any class. You can utilize the time for visiting nearby places or practicing yoga at your own pace. On Sunday, the school also plans an excursion to explore Rishikesh and you have the option to join that.

Yes, you should attend all yoga classes and it is compulsory for the successful completion of the course. Students should inform the school staff or teacher in advance if they are not able to attend class.

Yes, you can join the course in a group. You can come with your partner to join the course.

We conduct classes in English. Our teacher also knows Hindi and other regional languages.

We conduct classes in a batch size of around 20 students. Small batch sizes help better teaching and understanding. We provide good attention to transfer the best knowledge to each student. Classes will be conducted in a spacious and ventilated hall where you can easily practice yoga asanas.

No there is no exam to get certified. You will get a chance to teach other students and show what you have gained. This will be observed by our experienced tutor and based on your performance our tutor will give you feedback. This feedback will help to analyze your capabilities and become a good yoga instructor.

Yes, you will get Yoga Alliance USA certification to confirm that you have completed yoga teacher training from Yoga Alliance certified school.

You can join yoga TTC throughout the year. We conduct classes the whole year. You can join this course any time as per your choice and there are no time or weather restrictions.

You can book a private or shared room based on your preference. We suggest booking a Shared room as it is economical and you will get a chance to make new friends.

Yes, we have all facilities available with rooms. You will get clean rooms with an attached bathroom. Free wifi will be available. Our building is equipped with hot and cold running water. Filtered drinking water available. Weekly cleaning of rooms and bed with proper ventilation.

No, you can not take dring or smoke in school. We suggest you not indulge in any such activity outside school also. You are on detoxification training and should keep a distance from any such activity. Any such activity inside school premises will be considered illegal and strict action will be taken.

Yes, you can stay for 2-3 days extra before or after completion of this course. For that, you should inform school staff in advance and take permission to stay.

You will get healthy and nutritious vegetarian food during this course. The food will help to detoxify your body and rich in nutritional values. You will get fruits and vegetables to fulfill the daily need of yoga classes.

You will be getting food three times a day with herbal tea twice a day. The food is prepared to keep in mind the body requirement for the intense yoga teacher training.

Yes based on student requirements we serve vegan or gluten-free food. We take our student requirement with full importance and try to fulfill all their needs.

No, we do not serve or allow to eat nonvegetarian food inside the school.
We work on the principles of Yoga and non-violence so we do not allow non-vegetarian food inside the ashram. Our school is within walking distance from the market and restaurants. YOu can go there and enjoy anything you want to eat.

Yes, you should eat food from healthy places only. To complete this course person should try to stay away from diseases and an unhealthy environment.

For booking pay the advance registration fee to confirm your seat and get in touch with the School team via email or call for further updates.

For remaining fee should be paid on your arrival to Rishikesh. We prefer cash payment in any major currency or you can pay via Paypal using Debit/Credi/Net banking mode with an additional charge of 4% to pay commission through international transfer mode.

You should pay the full amount during check-in to school. An advance payment of USD 200 should be paid before arriving in India. For some cases, we allow paying the fee within one-two weeks of joining the course.

The yoga Course fee includes almost everything related to Yoga Course. Your 3 meals a day and accommodation are included with study material and books.
Any activity outside School is not covered in this course fee.

Yes, you can join the course anytime within one year of booking. For that, you should inform Yoga School first and confirm your future joining dates.

Unfortunately booking canceled will not be refunded. So we suggest paying the only advance fee and remaining when you arrive at Rishikesh.

No for security reasons we can not allow any other person to join in place of one who booked the course.

To reach our Ashram, you have to first land at any international airport in India. The nearest International Airport is New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. From here you can book a connected flight to Nearest Domestic Airport and, i.e., Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.

Yes, we provide a taxi pick-up and drop facility from all major Airports at an extra cost. From New Delhi airport it is USD 80 for taxi pick up, and from Jolly grant Airport, we will charge you USD 20. You should inform the school staff in advance regarding taxi pickup so that we can arrange as per your location. For any information regarding pickup/drop, you can WhatsApp/call on the number mentioned on our website.

Rishikesh has all major connectivity from different states. You can choose them based on availability.
Bus/Taxi: You can book a bus/taxi from any Interstate Bus Terminal. Rishikesh has connectivity from major cities. From a few states connectivity is till Haridwar or Dehradun. You can change your Bus from Haridwar or Dehradun and book a connected Bus service from there to Rishikesh.
Airport: Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, and this is just 20 KM from School. You can get a taxi from the Airport to Ashram.
Railways: Rishikesh does not have a Railway station. The nearest Railway station is Haridwar Junction. You can get a Taxi/Bus from there to Rishikesh.

Yes, You should apply for a tourist visa for this course and it is normally granted for 60 days. Do not apply for a Student Visa.

It is safe to travel 24/7 from any Airport to Ashram. Our taxi service is available 24/7 from these places. You just inform us and we will manage your safe travel.

Yes, we provide a taxi service to visit the nearby places. You have to inform us regarding this 24 hours in advance for arrangements.

Yes, the school will provide Scooty on rent to visit nearby places in Rishikesh.

There are many tourist places in Rishikesh you can visit and some of them are listed below:

Triveni Ghat
Lakshman Jhula
Neer Garh Waterfall
Kunjapuri Devi Temple
The Beatles Ashram
Sivananda Ashram
Ram Jhula
Vashishta Gufa
Parmath Niketan Temple

Rishikesh is the safest city in India. The population is also very low in this city. You will find many students going out in the market for shopping and having leisure time without any safety concerns. Rishikesh is a spiritual place full of Yogis and saints. They are very friendly people. You will feel like everybody welcoming you to this city. We get many bookings from a female student and they share rooms and friendship with others happily. Don’t worry safety will not be the concern you are totally safe and free to travel in India.

Yes, you can carry that and use it when you go outside Ashram. It is better to stay away from unwanted illness.

Few students get Vaccination before traveling to India. However, Rishikesh does not have any prevalent disease. You can come without any such concern. To be sure we suggest contacting your medical advisor before traveling to India. That will be the safest option for you.

How to apply for Indian Visa?

For Yoga Teacher Training in India, student should apply for the tourist e-visa. Normally it is granted for 60 days. You have to check how long you will stay in India based on that this can be extended. Apply for a relevant number of days. You can also apply for a multiple entry visa which is granted for a longer duration if you are planning to visit India again.

What all item i should bring for Yoga Training in India?

While traveling this is the most common thought that makes people worry about what all they should carry with them to complete their journey with ease and without spending much amount on buying everything while they are on travel. We have prepared a list of items below based on our experience regarding all those items that can bother you during travel. I hope this will help you in deciding on your backpack for the journey.

  • First of all, you should have a big enough backpack that can hold your maximum luggage items. Because carrying multiple small bags is not convenient, and there are chances of getting them lost during travel. So choose a bag that is easy to carry and can hold enough items. Also, add a nametag to your backpack to avoid getting them misplaced in luggage on the journey. Consider the weight of your backpack for Airport check-in. Keep some space for your purchases during travel.
  • As you know Rishikesh is surrounded by Mountains and has rigid roads. For travel, you should take hiking shoes and sandals for your daily use.
  • If you are traveling to goa then it will be a good idea to pack one swimsuit with you. This will help to enjoy water sports.
  • People having weaker eyesight should carry their specs or lenses with them. You might not get your desired lenses in India.
  • For travel hygiene one should always carry sanitizer and tissue paper with them. In India, hygiene condition is not as much same as western countries, and this will help in staying away from disease.
  • After landing at Airport you have to travel by road, and due to traffic, it can be very noisy. To avoid the headache, you can carry any headphones or earplug with you.
  • You can carry a small light or torch with you. This will help in case there is any power outage.
  • The quality of drugs differs in every country based on the atmosphere and living conditions. So remember to carry your prescription medicines with you. Carry some headache and painkiller medicine as this may help. Carry your first aid kit with you.
  • Carry an electric charger to charge your phone. India has a power supply of 220 v and 50 Hz AC (Alternating Current). You can carry a power bank with you to get your camera and phone charged while traveling.
  • Take a small water bottle with you. This will help to stay hydrated during the journey and avoid drinking water roadsides this can be unhealthy. Dehydration is a common problem during travel, and you can avoid that easily.
  • Carry some comfortable clothes with you. Try to avoid wearing tiny clothes as it is not considered respectful in Indian Culture and also not safe during the journey.
  • A yoga Mat is required for practicing yoga. You can carry that with you or buy it from the Indian market at around 5 USD. Yoga schools also provide yoga mats.
  • Carry some snacks with you as this will help to enjoy your food taste on the journey. You can carry some chocolates with you for instant warm-up. They are a good source of quick energy.
  • In the Local market, it may get the issue with an international credit card. Get your money converted into Indian Rupees before traveling to India. In Rishikesh, we have multiple money exchange service shops you can use them also. If you are exchanging money from your place, then remember to carry the receipt of that as it may bother you at the Airport. Airport Authority may ask you for proof of all foreign exchanges.
  • Remember to check your credit card statement at least every week if you are using it for making the transaction in the local market to make sure of any fraudulent transaction. Keep all your receipts especially large transactions to match how much you spent and charged.
  • Take enough cash to make sure you are not out of cash during the journey. You can redeposit it in the bank when you are back from the journey.
  • You should carry your daily use products like hair shampoo, soap, toothbrush, deodorant, towel, sun cream, eye mask, earbuds, shaver, etc. with you. Carry one mosquito repellant, and this will help when you are roaming in nearby areas.
  • Remember to pack a camera if you want to capture the moment of your journey.
  • The heat and cold can dry your skin it is advised to use moisturizes every day.
  • You can carry books if you are a fan of reading while traveling. Some people carry travel pillows for comfort.

I think I have covered almost all the items that one can need during the journey. I hope this will help in maintaining comfort at the new place. Happy Journey :)

Student Reviews

I would surely recommend Sai Yoga Ashram to everyone interested in the best yoga teacher training in India. Teachers were highly educated and jolly in nature. They treated every student as a special member during the training. Before joining, I was worried about food and accommodation, but the accommodation was so good and surrounded by beautiful mountains of the Himalayas. When you see from the top of the yoga center, you will see the whole area surrounded by beautiful mountains. I really loved the place, and doing yoga in such a place was really a pleasant feeling. Food was vegetarian and healthy. The fruit salads that we got were very good. I am very much satisfied with this Yoga tour to India. Thank you Sai Yoga Ashram and blessing for your future journey.

Jessica Maris, Australia

Yoga School in India was really impressive, and I felt like practicing at my home. The aroma of the place was so pleased that you would think like grab every moment in your eyes and would think of exploring the area as much you can. This is my second-time journey for International Yoga certification from India, and it was superb. Our teacher mainly Vini Sir, had in-depth knowledge about yoga and have the ability to train in detail and accurately. The food we got was vegetarian and healthy. After doing this training, I feel more confident and robust than ever. The staff of Yoga Teacher Training India is really humble and always ready to help you in every situation whether you paid for that or not. The team will always help you. It was one of the correct decisions to choose Sai Yoga Ashram for Yoga School in India.

Stephen Cronin, Alaska, USA

First of all, I would like to say that it was my goodwill that I choose Yoga Teacher Training India for Yoga Course. The training provided by them was rigorous and disciplined so that we get every little knowledge about yoga. I made a few good friends here and enjoyed every moment of my course. The teachers were outstanding, and food was healthy, the environment was pleasant, yoga center was neat and clean… there are so many good things I noticed about the best yoga teacher training in India. I recommend this course to everyone looking for a place to get proper yoga training in a beautiful environment. It was one of the very fruitful yoga teacher training courses in India.

Janette Lea, UK

Before joining I was a bit confused about price and facility. I was thinking in discounted price facilities will be good or not. But I am fully satisfied with the yoga course in India at the Yoga Teacher Training India center. They have very lovely facilities available. The staff was accommodating and humble in nature. Teachers were like they have many years of teaching experience. The style of their teaching yoga was really lovely. I have become fond of Yoga Teacher Training from this school and in the future, if I have to recommend anyone Yoga School in India, then I will surely tell them about this institute. They give the best knowledge at the best price. At the end, of yoga teacher training, you will feel that you have utilized your hard-earned money for something that is going to help you throughout your life.

Marcia Mota, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yoga Course from Yoga Teacher Training India (Sai Yoga Ashram) not only taught me about the basics of yoga but also about complex asanas that I was very much expecting to practice something like that. Yoga classes from this school taught me everything about how I should practice yoga and meditate, how I should follow a balanced and nutritional diet for healthy living. I gained enough knowledge about yoga, and with that, I am fully prepared to start my professional yoga career. This course is a must for anyone interested in a yoga career, and Yoga Teacher Training India (Sai Yoga Ashram) is highly recommended for a yoga course in India.

Haley Shinkle, Berlin, Germany

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