Yogi Sandeep Yoga Teacher

Sandeep took birth on June 29th 1972 and was blessed to be born inside the Shivananda Nagar ,within footsteps of the beautiful Ganga river in the holy city of Rishikesh. Sandeeps father played a significant role in his early introduction to spirituality and, the lifeforce of yoga as he worked in the Shivananda ashram printing press office. This allowed Sandeep to spend his early childhood inside the ashram itself, ashram life for him was natural and, ideal because as far back as he can remember as a child he had an innocent pure belief in the divine . With his strong faith he worshipped Shiva, loved to take part in Pooja’s, Mantra Chanting and Devotional Singing.At the age of three to four years Sandeep remembers to this day very clearly a spiritual awakening , he was being taken by the hand by his older sister up the steps of the Shivananada ashram when suddenly he fell down and became unconscious.

He remembers feeling a strong vibrational energy passing through his spine. At this time nobody realised what was happening to him, however, as a young adult Sandeep realised this was a spiritual awakening and recognized that ever since that age that he had felt the presence of a light within him.

When Sandeep was aged five he received the auspicious blessing of Mantra Diksha ( a personal mantra given by the guru) from his Holiness Swami Chidanand Ji Maharaj.Sandeeps childhood was richly informed by being in the presence of Yogis and Yoginis as both his parents worked full time and, so after school he regularly enjoyed the company of these spiritual elders.At the age of twelve years Sandeep was extremely fortunate to be taken under the supervision of a European lady who for no obvious reason took him to his first yoga class, here he met his yoga Guru Swami Krishna Nanda Saraswati ( Swami Kutti Krishna).

Sandeep felt at home , experiencing the pure loving, caring hands of his dearly beloved guru. Sandeep was aware of the special interest, attention and divine blessings that his guru showered upon him.
He spent another ten years in the Guru Kula System ( a process where the guru and disciple live in close proximity to each other to develop the spirit and character of the individual soul) Early Life as a Yoga Teacher.

At the age of twenty three years Sandeep was asked to support a friend in delivering yoga training in a number of locations in Rishikesh . Soon after Sandeep was invited to teach in Europe, namely Spain and Germany. At this time he never considered that this was going to determine his destiny in taking on the life and roles of Yoga Master and Teacher.

Swami ji with Yogi Sandeep
Yogi Sandeep at Sai Yoga Ashram

Very early on he was blessed to establish his own training centre in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, which was one of the first independent training centres. Here he would remain for the next twenty years, supporting students of all ages and backgrounds from India and all over the world. During this period he quickly gained the respect of his local community , the international community and the community of his peers of Yogis and Yoginis.

Current Life as a Yoga Teacher

In 2013 Sandeep made a very important decision which would fulfill a deep longing in his heart to establish his own Yoga Ashram. Sai Yoga Ashram was launched in the summer of 2013 and registered as Self Realisation Society.Sandeep currently teaches a range of Yoga courses to meet the diverse needs of the communities he serves. He is also initiated by his Guru, as a Reiki Master, he has been providing healing and Reiki training for over twenty years. Sandeep is fully committed to assisting all souls and humanity overall to “ realise the truth”.

Yogi Sandeeps Philosophy

He holds a Master degree in Yogic Science however, he regards the intellect as the least important in in the journey of a yogi /yogini. His philosophy is based on Simplicity, Purity and Truth. It is also informed by the teachings of Swami Shivananda “ Be Good Do Good “ and Shirdi Sai Baba “Surrender completely to God “ who Sandeep feels very connected to in his heart.As a teacher he wishes to instill and convey to all his students the importance of the Sacred Philosophy on which Yoga is founded and its deep connectedness with Divinity/God.

He regards the Spiritual Development of the student as a central foundation for their development in all areas of Yogic Science. He always stresses to students that the true qualification will only be gained when the student is sincere in seeking the deeper understanding of Yogic Science and Spirituality.