Shivanand Yoga Training

Sivananda Yoga is taught for a range of needs

Sivananda Yoga Programme

Sivananda yoga aims to promote the well being of the body and decreases the chance of disease. The programme addresses five key priorities:
1 – Proper exercise through Asanas
2 – Proper breathing through Pranayama
3 – Proper relaxation through Savasana
4 – Proper diet , Yogic vegetarian diet that is Sattvic food.
5 – Proper thinking and Meditation including Vedanta and Dhyana


Special Daily Drop In

1 week basic foundation ( this provides an introduction for beginners to the philosophy and practical application of Hatha Yoga).

1 month intensive intermediate level ( this provides a deeper understanding of the philosophy and heightened awareness and practice of key yoga Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras , Bandhas and Yoga Nindra.

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