Reiki Course in Rishikesh

Reiki is a from of hands on healing and training is available at First Level , Second Level and Third Level / Masters.

First Degree Level

First Degree is more grounded enabling the practitioner to learn the basic theories and practical procedures. Practitioners will receive an atonement to the Universal Energy of Reiki and will have the opportunity to practice healing on themselves and to others.


Second Degree Level

This level of training is more powerful as the practitioner will be attuned to three different symbols, Symbol One will enable the practitioner to heal on the physical level, Symbol Two will enable the practitioner to heal on the emotional and mental level and Symbol Three will enable the practitioner to heal beyond space and time through Distance healing.

Third Degree Level/ Master

This part of the training is divided into two, receiving reiki attunement and becoming Master Teacher ,by learning how to give reiki attunements. The symbol given for this attunement is very powerful, works at a higher frequency and it is essential that the practitioner takes all due care


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