Kundlini Yoga Training

Kundalini Yoga Training – Rishikesh

Kundalini is one of the oldest forms of yoga – it has been practiced by the Upanishads in India since 500 B.C. Kundalini literally means “coiled” and is represented by a metaphorical coiled snake at the base of your spine. The purpose of Kundalini practice is to uncoil your snake and release that energy within.

1 week basic foundation ( this provides an introduction for beginners to the philosophy and practical application of Kundalini Yoga). The main focus of the course is on the seven chakras, starting with the base and working upwards to activate each one. The opening of the chakras is practiced through working with specific Asana, Pranayama, Mudras and Bhandas which relate to each chakra.

Seven week intensive intermediate level, this provides a deeper understanding of the philosophy and heightened awareness of the practice of Kundalini awakening. At intermediate level, practitioners are supported to deepen their practice of chakra activation, working more intensively with each chakra for a week.


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