Hatha Yoga Training, Rishikesh

Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh India

Hatha Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union with God.” ‘Ha’ is Sanskrit for sun and ‘tha’ is moon.Hatha yoga involves physical postures, asanas to strengthen the physical body and nervous system. The spine is strengthened and all internal organs and bodily functions are enhanced. Once these postures, or ‘asanas,’ are mastered (and this can easily require years of daily, regular practice), we begin the practice of Pranayama. Pranayama is the practice of regulating one’s breathing.


Special Daily Drop In

1 week basic foundation ( this provides an introduction for beginners to the philosophy and practical application of Hatha Yoga).

1 month intensive intermediate level ( this provides a deeper understanding of the philosophy and heightened awareness and practice of key yoga Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras , Bandhas and Yoga Nindra.


Our Yoga Courses